Speaker Steve Judge - 16 October 2018

 Speaker of the Year 2017 - 'Smash Your Goals and Achieve Your Gold'

Our speaker visited the Catalyst Meeting at Oakdale Golf Club this morning. A Motivational Speaker, he takes the audience on an inspiring journey following his commitment and achievements through rehabilitation, from being told that he may never walk again when both of his legs were crushed. An excellent talk.

Speaker Paul Haslam - 18 September 2018

 Paul Haslam provides an in-depth discussion regarding ‘Solving Congestion in Harrogate’. He operates an International Business School and is a County and local Counsellor with a focus upon the creation of a new Harrogate By Pass and the routes which include Nidd Gorge.

Speaker Noah Gray (RLYA Awardee) - 11 September 2018

Rotary Youth Leadership Award. These courses take place for young people who are 16 and 17 years old. Brigantes sponsor one or two students each year on these courses with the aim to help realise leadership potential. Included in this course are many outdoor activities and challenges. The course is held at Hebden Bridge.