Make new connections and form lasting friendships with Harrogate Brigantes Rotary

The Rotary motto is ‘Service Above Self’. So we’re passionate about serving our community and, very importantly, we know how to do it with a smile. That’s because when we’re working alongside each other on projects that benefit others, there’s an important spin-off. We become friends.

Our friendship expresses itself in all kinds of ways. The most regular is when we come together for our weekly meeting, enjoying each other’s company over a meal and often with a speaker.

But that’s not all, and it doesn’t matter that some members, especially those who are working, can’t always get to those meetings. Apart from our weekly meetings we also have a variety of other social events and day visits.

And friendship goes beyond just meeting up. We’re a support network and if somebody is ill or having a difficult time we can be there for them.  And sometimes friendships even transcend Rotary.

Membership of Rotary can be what you want to make it. Many people say the more you put in, the more you get out of it. Whatever you want to make of your Rotary experience, one thing you’ll be certain to find here at Harrogate Brigantes is the pleasure of making new friends.

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Fellowship Book Club October 2023


Our regular Rotary meetings are a cornerstone of fellowship. They provide an opportunity for Rotarians to enjoy each other’s company over a meal and often with a speaker.

Fellowship Book Club October 2023

Book Club

From thrillers to historical fiction and recent novels, our bi-monthly book club has something to suit all tastes. Join us as we discuss our latest book over a delicious meal.

Fellowship Book Club October 2023

Golf Group

Tee off with fellow Rotarians in our golf group. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a beginner eager to learn, our group welcomes all skill levels

Fellowship Book Club October 2023

Walking Group 

Explore the stunning Yorkshire countryside with our walking group. Enjoy the beauty of nature, stay fit and engage in interesting conversations along the way.

Fellowship at Harrogate Brigantes is about more than just socialising

It’s about engaging in shared interests, building lasting relationships and contributing to a vibrant community.

Whether you join our Golf Group, Book Club, Walking Group or attend our Rotary meetings, you’ll always find a warm welcome.

Start your journey of fellowship with us today. 

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You don’t have to be a member to discover the benefits of Rotary, you can just help out on a project

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