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Welcome to Harrogate Brigantes Book Club

Our Book Club is more than just a gathering of book enthusiasts. Whether you’re an avid reader or an occasional dabbler you’ll find a ready welcome and a relaxing chat over a tasty meal.

Fellowship Book Club October 2023

About the Book Club

There are around a dozen in the group and we meet every two months at Oakdale Golf Club to discuss a book chosen by a member. The range is vast. It covers both fiction and non-fiction.

Recently we’ve had some whodunnits and thrillers but we’re equally at home with history, biography and modern novels. You read books you might otherwise miss and it gives the you a chance to chat or discuss or even argue about them with a friendly group.

Benefits of Joining

You’ll meet people who enjoy reading and are happy to discuss what they read. We’re not highbrow and we don’t necessarily spend all the evening talking exclusively about the book.

Sometimes we end up putting the world to rights. We can guarantee you a warm reception and, hopefully, a sociable and stimulating evening in very pleasant surroundings.

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