Harrogate District Technology Tournament 2023

March 7, 2023

7 March 2023

It was good to see the Technology Tournament back at St Aidan’s High School for its first post-Covid appearance. This time the school teams had to power a container from one side of a river to the other using only battery power. The more sophisticated intermediates had to deposit their loads on the far bank while the sixth-form advanced teams had to create a reverse switch which brought the container back.

For the first hour nothing much seemed to be happening, but then the early prototypes began to make an appearance and eventually the testing tables became hives of activity as a variety of ingenious models tottered across the wild ravine. It was all a tribute, not only to those who had set and resourced the problem, but also to the students who solved it in so many individual and imaginative ways.

Ninety-six students from six local schools took part and, given the Covid-induced gap of three years, it was heartening to see it all happening again. Particular thanks are due to our own Bob Tunnicliffe, to Trevor Woodward from York RC and to all the Rotarians who made the day possible as well as all the teachers and students who supported and enjoyed it.  

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