Speaker Malcolm Campbell (Malcolm The Weaver) - 28 January 2020

Our speaker this evening was Malcolm Campbell (Malcolm The Weaver) who shared with us his passion for weaving.

Malcolm has spent some 45 years working in the tweed and worsted cloth business and held senior roles with major textile names, predominantly in Yorkshire. His career as a textile designer in later years paved the way for him to focus on schools and their involvement with textiles. He has now become an author of children’s books and during his visit, we were shown books (‘The Moon that shone in the dark’, ‘The Rainbow that mixed colours’, ’The Tide that stayed out’ and ‘The Wind that never blew’), which have been very well received nationally. The thread which runs through these books is colour! One may wonder why he uses ‘Malcolm The Weaver?’ A few years ago, he was invited to Buckingham Palace and met the Queen where he was introduced as ‘Malcolm The Weaver.’ This talk was most interesting for all, firstly about the textile industries’ and latterly how it was linked with children’s books. Many thanks.

(President Peter Wearmouth, Malcolm Campbell, Diane Stokes)