Speaker Sue Wood (Harrogate Borough Council – Parks Department)

Sue Wood is the Horticultural Officer for Harrogate Borough Council and has been in post for some 31 years, with a responsibility for the whole of Harrogate District which includes the Valley Gardens and Nursery.

This evening Sue outlined the enormous commitment necessary of her team, which provides an amazing floral show throughout the District. There is a great emphasis placed upon cultivation of many species of plants, trees and flowers, both perennial and annual. In the Parks Department there is eleven greenhouses (100 years old), together with two polytunnels. All gardens are programmed on an annual basis for growing and planting, using schedules of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter as a guide. Sue is also a Judge for Britain and Yorkshire in Bloom and supports 8 local ‘Bloom’ groups in the Harrogate District. This was an excellent evening, but one wonders how such an enormity of tasks can move forward at such a rapid speed. Quite clearly, ‘The Parks Department’ should be congratulated upon their achievements both Locally and Nationally. (Photo: Sue Wood, Manuel Camacho)