Brigantes Christmas Grotto - Asda Supermarket 12-22 December 2019

As everyone is aware, Brigantes Christmas Grotto took place at Asda Supermarket, Harrogate

between 12 – 22 December 2019, having been organized by David Russell. The collections are as follow,

which are shared between the below mentioned charities:


Charity                                                 £                              Days

Parkinsons                                             1487.00                  3

Yorkshire Air Ambulance                        885.00                  2

Dementia Forward                                   929.00                  2

Rotary Charity Account                          823.00                  3 (short days)

Total Collected                                    £4,124.00


Thanks, are extended to those club members who helped, to the Charity volunteers, from the sponsors and staff of ASDA. Happy New Year