Presidential Handover & Club Assembly - 25 June 2019

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(Another year under the Rotary belt)

The meeting started in the usual manner, after dinner the meeting continued, and the business element was quickly disposed of.

Moving straight into the handover portion of the evening, President Ruth told us how much she had enjoyed her busy and at times turbulent year, we were also reminded of a club milestone, our first lady President!

Moving swiftly on she confirmed Peter Wearmouth as the new President and asked him to say a few words. Peter was at pains to explain that although his current golfing commitments would occasionally clash, he would overcome these minor problems. Peter went on to say he would like to build on previous club successes but introduce a more formal approach to projects. Re-introducing the loyal toast is a small but significant change welcomed by many members. Peter is determined to re-invigorate the club and introduce a little more fun into our activities.

At this point Ruth approached Peter with the chain of office which he accepted and pocketed! However! he overcame his modesty and agreed to wear it.

Next to speak was our almoner David Hoskins, this was a sombre few moments when we remembered lost members and loved ones and those who had suffered serious illness during the past year. We all know David well and truly appreciate the pastoral care he has given to those in need.

The reports from chairs of committees and other officers showed a consistent theme of wanting change (for the better!), a sensible use of formality in setting up projects, some innovation and lots more fun! Regrettably the only exception was a report from Catalysts who have decided to dissolve their club and will let us know individually about their Rotary futures.

The final speaker was the District Governors representative Chris Clubley who gave a humorous and encouraging talk on the club and district. The DG is keen to recruit younger members and feels that a lightening of formality in the less important areas would help. The district is keen to support Polio and Hospices and promote Rotary visibility. He rounded off with an amusing poem comparing a wife to a sat nav, I was sure I could hear the sirens of the thought police cars but I think he got away with it!

The evening ended with the loyal toast and some enthusiastic chatter on the way out.