Kids Aloud 2017



This was our 5th biennial concert featuring a massed choir of 250 pupils from the Harrogate district. They come together to sing in the prestigious Royal Hall and create a night of joyous and passionate singing; a memory which remains with them and their families forever.

When and Who

The date was Friday 3rd March 2017 at 7.00pm.

This time there are 10 schools participating from right across the district - Glasshouses to Pannal to Knaresborough and a few from central Harrogate as well. The primary schools are supported by a more senior choir from King James School and a local Youth Band. The coordinator and choir leader is Carmel Wake, music teacher at Richard Taylor School.


All money raised from this event is used for International causes. In particular for Nepal where in the last 5 years the Club have helped deliver an IT, Literacy and Economic Regeneration project that is helping school children and families in a remote area of Nepal called the Panchamul valley. This 7 school project is having a major impact of the lives of young people by improving literacy standards and enhancing their future prospects in life.

The final stage of this project is to twin, on line, each school in the valley with one in the Harrogate area via Skype and email. This will further improved literacy standards in the valley and create a better understanding of the very different cultures in the 2 countries

A major upgrade of the internet service infrastructure in the valley is required and the money raised will help make this dream come true. Our ambition is to connect school children in Harrogate and Nepal and truly put ‘Kids in the Limelight’.

The 2017 ConcertkA14

The concert puts together a reflection of our theme of ‘Kids in the Limelight’. For the first half, school choirs sang in clusters to a selection of songs of their choice. Each cluster being introduced by a pupil who explains why they have chosen their songs; some of the songs are led by a pupil soloist. The second half consists of a complete medley of songs from the screen and theatre, musicals and shows; the pupils have had a major input in the selection.

We mirrored many of the successful elements of the 2015 concert, ‘The Circus of Life’ which was the first time we asked the pupils to get involved in shaping the concert content. We have launched a competition to design a poster to the theme of ‘Kids in the Limelight’. We have a panel of judges who decide the winner. The selected poster has been used as the logo for all our marketing material, posters and fliers and features on the cover of the concert programme.

We asked schools to produce an array of pictures reflecting the various songs from the shows which they performed in the 2nd half. These  provided an excellent film show backdrop on the screen at the back of the stage as they sing their songs.

Preview of Kids in the Limelight – the first joint choir rehearsal.


These are priced at £10 each adults, juniors up the age of 15 are £6. They will be on sale at the Harrogate Box Office 01423 502116.

Or Book Online at

Tickets will be on sale from Monday 4th December.

 Sponsorship Opportunities

We have a range of sponsorship opportunites to support our project to find out more details in the following pdf