Speaker Jocelyn Brooks - 26 November 2019

Our speaker this evening was Jocelyn Brooks, who talked about ‘Egyptian Odyssey’. It became clear that this subject was enormous  starting out dealing with The Nile ‘Life Blood’ which is the longest river in the world, stretching some 4.000 miles to Lake Victoria and Jinja. An important feature was the Aswan Dam constructed (1899 –1902) which provided storage of floodwater, with the further construction of ‘High Dam’ creating more water storage and hydroelectricity. As Jocelyn moved along, she explained the Abu Simbel Temples, of Ramses 11 and Nefertari, President Nasser’s military involvement and our own Suez Crisis. We then followed a route taking in Cairo - Pyramids of Giza, which were built 5,000 years ago, The Sphynx, Valley of Kings and Howard Carter’s discovery of tombs (Tutankhamun) with an interesting explanation of the Julian Calendar and its introduction by Julius Caesar. Jocelyn mentioned the pattern of history at Karnak and Luxor and many more historical features, too numerous to mention! Bearing in mind this was part of Jocelyn’s seven-day exploration, it was amazing how much content emerged!     An excellent talk. Many thanks.

(photo: President Peter Wearmouth, Jocelyn Brooks, Rtn Liz Hayes)