Dodging giants… thriving in a brutal retail landscape

23 January 2018 07:00 - 08:30

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Oakdale Golf Club

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Presentation: Dodging giants… thriving in a brutal retail landscape

By Rob Whitehead, Cheerleader (Chief Exec) The Serious Sweet Company Ltd

How small businesses can thrive despite having huge competitors and few customers. I’d highlight some of the key things around proposition, customer relationships, innovation, teams/culture & execution I’ve learned are the foundations of thriving in landscapes where scale is everything.

Join us for another inspiring meeting and meet with like minded local business owners and key desision makers.


Arrive from 07:00am
07.30 Welcome
Aims and Objectives
07.35 60 second Intro
07.45 Presentation
08.10 Success Round
Club / Rotary News
What's coming up
08.25 Summing Up
08.30 Close
08.30 Networking

Join Leaders, Exchange Ideas, Take Action!

Our agenda changes to maximise the business passed and new contacts made with variations of outside expert presenters, member speakers, one 2 one meetings and business workshops.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our meeting so you can see how we are not only helping each others businesses grow, but also helping the local and international community along the way.