Meeting format

The evening meetings of the Club follow a traditional Rotary pattern but have developed a relaxed informality over the years.

We meet in the Crown Hotel in the centre of Harrogate at 7 for 7.30 every Tuesday except those with a bank holiday in the week. The cost is £14.

Members and guests arrive for up to half an hour of drinks and chat before enjoying a two-course meal and coffee.

After a short break the evening continues with Club announcements followed usually by a talk. A wide-ranging programme of varied and interesting talks is organised annually.

Once a month a business meeting is held instead of a talk and occasionally there will be a quiz, an active-involvement talk such as a wine tasting, or a new members' evening to explain Rotary to potential members.

The formal meeting concludes between 9.30 and 10 but members often linger longer to chat and drink