Rotary Club of Harrogate Brigantes History

The Rotary Club of Harrogate Brigantes was founded as an evening club in 1980 in response to changing lifestyles and with the active support of the Rotary Clubs of Harrogate and Knaresborough.

The Club has a tradition of innovation. For instance, it pioneered the organisation in Yorkshire of Technology Tournaments for schools. And more recently it has developed a project for introducing IT and IT training into schools and communities in remote areas in Nepal that is now being adopted by numbers of other Rotary Clubs and looks set to make a major impact on that very poor country.

Brigantes also has also a tradition of offering support to new local good causes, helping to get them on their feet and then standing back when they are fit and able to look after themselves. Both Shopmobility and Essential Needs in Harrogate have been assisted in this way.

And members of the Club are now providing support to Harrogate Young Carers.
In addition the Club has a strong tradition of organizing a varied social and sporting programme for its members – for instance, the venerable "ferret" trophy has been keenly contested by our members for many years and cricket and bowls matches with other local clubs have in the past added a sporting edge to our friendly rivalries.