Quiz Night with Kelvin Burkinshaw - 15 October 2019

    As always, Quiz Night is a breath of fresh air with, Kelvin providing an excellent challenge for the assembled audience

    QuizNight Kelvin 19aVisitor Paul Schut 19

    This evening rotarians and guests formed four teams and enjoyed some stiff questions.  Interestingly, there was only three or four marks between the winners and losers. Team 1 scraped through as winners with two extra points, meaning that Peter Wood's team were victorious!  However, Jean Grainger, John Benedict, Manuel Camacho and David Crowther, provided a few marks.  Well Done to all the competitors, who showed amazing knowledge and to Kelvin for painstaking choice of questions and prizes. We eagerly await the next Quiz Night!

    It was also a pleasure to welcome visitor Paul Schut (West Des Moines Rotary Club, Iowa, USA  who presented President Peter Wearmouth with two Rotary Penants.

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