Rotary Youth Leadership Awards - Matty Pollard 8 October 2019

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    Linda Parker, President Elect of Halifax Rotary Club joined us for a presentation by this year’s RYLA candidate Matthew Pollard. Linda was Matt’s mentor.

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    Matt gave a splendid presentation whereby he shared photos of the activities he undertook and talked about what he had learned from the course in terms of leadership and team building skills. Matt said he had a brilliant week and learned so much about himself and about working with others. He felt that the course had given him more confidence and a greater understanding of how teams work. He had also made great friends with his teammates and they still keep in touch.

    Although not a competition, the instructors do secretly give points to the teams and Matt’s team ‘won’ at the end of the week and they all received medals and their name etched on the RYLA trophy. 

    Matt’s parents Amanda and Andrew were present and extremely proud of him. Linda went on to say that Matt had been a worthy investment by the club as he had taken on everything with enthusiasm and a smile. He had also been an asset to his team throughout the week and was always supportive, fair and determined to succeed at the task in hand. Great leadership qualities!

    Matt ended his presentation by thanking the club for choosing him and thanking the RYLA team for all that they did. A proud and enjoyable evening. 

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