Speaker Sue Pearce ‘My Life So Far’ – 1 October 2019

    Sue Pearce became a member of Harrogate Brigantes Rotary Club recently and this evening she talks about her topic, ‘My Life So Far.’

    Sue’s early life began in Cairo with parents and schooling at Gezira Preparatory School leaving her with many memories of Egypt; the desert and Pyramids. Whilst in Egypt she was dedicated in the Baptist Church as were her two sisters and brother. The family were evacuated on three occasions during the time of King Farouk when he was replaced by Nasser. Shortly after, the family returned to Harrogate where she continued her education. At this time, she attended Christ Church and became very much involved. Some 35 years ago a Curate created interests in the church to such a degree that Sue went on selection courses which followed her Ordination and a placement in Harrogate. Sue’s life so far, is suitable for writing a biography and a comprehensive account of the time she spent at Harrogate College, a Lecturer, Training for Work Programme and contribution to the community. Sue has a son, daughter and five grandchildren. An amazing contribution. Well Done!

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