Speaker Chris Cade (actor & storyteller) – 30 April 2019


    On this evening, if we needed intrigue, deception and a passion about early development of railways from 1837, Chris Cade provided a story, wearing the clothes of one, George Hudson a railway pioneer (Railway King).

    The acting was superb and gave an impression that we were being transported back in time to the 1800s. Hudson in his early life became an entrepreneur and a wealthy man in, York having received a bequest of £30.000 from his great uncle. He had a strong urge to capitalize on railway developments and is said to have met George Stephenson on several occasions. He was instrumental in providing York with an early rail link to Leeds. It seems he was a self-made man holding positions in public office. However, Hudson appears to have had little accounting skills and lost his money, resulting in him fleeing to France. He did return in disguise and recouped some of his wealth, which enabled payment of some debts. He died around 1871. This was an intriguing story and very well acted out by Chris Cade who created much reality! Many thanks. (Chris Cade, President Ruth Townrow, Peter North)


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