Kids Aloud (Monkey Boy) 2019 'GRAND FINALE'

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    GRAND  FINALE: Thursday and Friday 29/30 March 2019 saw the theatre production of Kids Aloud (Monkey Boy) Concert take place at the Royal Hall, Harrogate. Both Concerts were outstanding, with capacity audiences and a spectacular finish on the final night. 

    This was a unique production of a musical drama ‘fairy story’ with origins in Nepal. Fourteen local primary schools took part, together with Tri Shahid higher Secondary School. Panchamul Valley and Valley Public School from Nepal. Over 500 children took part in these concerts. This has been an eight-year project by Harrogate Brigantes Rotary Club named, Changing Young Lives in Nepal. The Nepali children and teachers have spent two weeks in Yorkshire, rehearsing, visiting local places of interest and acclimatizing to our way of life!

    The key people who initiated these Concerts are; Andy Morrison Project Leader, Guy Wilson Creative Director, Maj. LB Gurung OBE International Coordinator, Shri Sriram Composer, Dave Calvert Graphic Design and the many other members of the club who have given immeasurable time to make this event a success. Additional information/updates may be found on our Brigantes website.

    These Concerts could not have happened without the tremendous sponsorship and good will received. Harrogate Brigantes Rotary Club wishes to thank everyone who has been involved in any way. The performers and musicians excelled themselves, by providing superb nights of  entertainment. Well Done to all!

    (The following photographs have been provided by Charlotte Gale Photography)

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