Speaker Mark Smith - Organ Donation - 15 January 2019


    Our Speaker tonight was Mark Smith who shared with us his feelings of having had a double transplant (kidney and pancreas) in 2009. He desperately needed two new organs after 25 years of suffering from diabetes. At the age of 14 years he was diagnosed with diabetes which continued throughout his life but even so, he persevered with education and went to university. It is true to say Mark has shown determination following his transplants and steadily thrived upon a new life with his wife and two children. The experience itself has driven him towards involvement with charities, involving organ transplant. Through the British Kidney Patient Association, he took on the’ Three Peaks’ challenge and walking Hadrian’s Wall and together with a social evening (Dance) he has raised £11,000 for the Association. He is now a committee member of Harrogate Hospital’s Organ Kidney Donation. His passion and determination have carried him forward being able to share a life’s experience. Well Done Mark excellent presentation and we wish you well for the future in the role ‘Organ Donation’.


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