WW1 The End of the War 1914 -18

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    This was a sombre evening of how World War1 unfolded and eventually ended with a cease fire and formal Armistice. Guy Wilson and Peter Wood took it upon themselves to research, ‘The End of the War’, which was no mean task with the intention of creating a scenario; virtually; impossible in an hour!

    The presentation involved Guy and Peter alternating their readings which included poetry, anecdotes taken from soldiers who survived the war, and using accounts of witnesses and researchers. The main feature provided a focus upon 100 years since the Great War. (1914-18), this being celebrated at our own Remembrance Service on Sunday 11 November 2018. (Stonefall War Graves Cemetery) Guy and Peter emphasised that following the armistice being signed, fighting continued which included 11,000 soldiers being killed in the last six hours of the campaign. George Ellison was the last British Soldier to be killed in action and died 90 minutes before armistice. Furthermore, John Parr 17 years was the first British soldier to be killed in action 21 August 1914.


    The casualties during this war are staggering and almost beyond belief. Guy and Peter provided a mountain of knowledge, and we can only hope, the words from Dachau Concentration Camp continue to apply - ‘NEVER AGAIN’ , the words of which will sustain the future of  our human race! Many thanks to Guy and Peter for such a powerful presentation.







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