Speaker Jack Metcalfe - 23 October 2018




    This was an excellent talk by Jack Metcalfe, who has been associated with in-depth marquetry for many years. First of all, Jack dealt with history of Thomas Chippendale, who in 1718 was born and baptised in Otley and his early expertise came from a focus on local furniture and a growing interest in marquetry. He died 300 years ago and was married in 1748 to Catherine Redshaw who had nine children. His passion for furniture led him to London, where is artistic knowledge expanded into Cabinet Making at York and Otley. In 1754 he published a book of his designs, titled 'The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's Director', upon which success he became renowned, by the use of Spectroscopy to analyse identified base veneer colour and dye. (UV-VIS-Spectronomy) Jack Metcalfe provided a video of his construction of a replica Chippendale ‘Diana & Minerva Commode’ which took many years to complete. We were provided with much detailed analysis and research, that Jack had carried out over the years. Many questions followed with an appreciation and dedication of the work of Jack Metcalfe! Many thanks.




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