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Speaker Jane McKoewn - 5 September 2017

Jane McKoewn, a retired journalist, provided a very comprehensive talk about ‘The Changing Face of Newspapers’ their production and how things have changed over the past 60 years. Jane examined a historical background and the issue of ‘free speech’, a foundation for all newsprint. The oldest newspapers were London Gazette (1718), Leeds Mercury (1866) Yorkshire Post (1785) Times and Telegraph (1772) not forgetting the Northern Echo (North Britain). These publications were pioneers of present day newspapers. Journalism throughout the years changed dramatically, initially through the involvement of wealthy press barons, such as Beaverbrook, Murdoch, Max Moseley and others whose focus was upon ‘manipulation’ of news. Now legislation, Data Protection and technology provided some controls as to how we see news today. Journalism provided its own rules for staff – based upon ‘who, what, why, when’ techniques of investigation. Jane’s forthright talk held a very attentive and appreciative audience and I suspect there was not enough time to expand on the subject. Well Done Jayne, very informative and enjoyable! (President Howard Rayner, Jane McKoewn, Ian Bainbridge)





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