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Book Club - August 2017

David Hoskins chose the book, The Mystery of Things, by A C Grayling. He knew he was taking a risk because Grayling is a philosopher.

However the book was rated quite highly by the group. Grayling covered many topics in short essays including, Art, War and Power; German Resistance to Hitler; The Rosetta Stone; Machiavelli (who, he told us was not such a bad egg after all) Jane Austin's Emma; Hannibal and the Alps and dozens more. Nothing seems to arcane to escape his philosophers mind. Humanity lives by ideas he says and its not a bad line. He is a humanist and cannot understand why religions survive in an age of science. We did agree that the philosopher has a role in society, not least by provoking thought and making us think, even if our brains did ache a bit at times. He quoted Goethe's last words, More Light, and we could all say amen to that.


The next book club meeting is on November 9, when the book for discussion is The Cyclist who went out in the Cold, by Tim Moore. Why not buy it and join us, its always a great night.


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